It's All About You!

Patterns in a nautilus shell

Patterns – They are everywhere!

Patterns are everywhere!  We see patterns in nature, we see patterns throughout seasons and time and we even have patterns within ourselves.  You may not recognize your patterns but switch the word “patterns” for “habits” and I think it will raise your awareness to what I’m going to speak about.

We all have patterns in our lives.  We have a certain way (pattern) that we put on our clothes every morning.  We have a certain way (pattern) we drive to work.  We even have a certain way (pattern) that we shower/bathe.   Now, the patterns I just mentioned, more than likely don’t have a huge impact in our daily lives.  However, other patterns that we allow in our lives MIGHT be affecting us greatly!  By stopping to be more aware, we can can recognize patterns in our lives that might be creating issues and pain in our lives. 

For example, do you notice a pattern when you are driving that your low back hurts?  Perhaps when you go to stand up when you get out of your vehicle?  Do you notice that you get a headache or migraine after you eat a certain food, when you visit a certain location or when the weather changes?  Every time you sit down on your couch, do you sit a certain way?  Perhaps with one leg tucked under the other?  Those are the patterns that COULD affect your life and create pain for you.

By learning to recognize patterns in your life, you can then further explore to see if you can shift or change the pattern that is creating the issue.    I would highly recommend starting with an easy pattern first.  Recognize an easy pattern/habit that you do, shift and change it.  Make it fun!  If you always wash your upper body before washing your lower body, switch it!  Wash your right arm, then your left leg next!  Wash your right leg and then your left arm! 

I know, you think I’m silly but there truly is scientific basis behind changing your patterns/habits!  Our brains are neuroplastic.  You are literally rewiring your brain by switching up your pattern!  

Have lots of fun switching up your patterns/habits and rewiring your brain!  If after switching up a pattern, you are still having issues with chronic pain or migraines, schedule an appointment with me and let’s get you back on track to wellness!

~ Lynn